Where Has All the Rum Gone?

Sometimes, Life in a small part of a large Kingdom can go largely unnoticed. Unless of course, this village is the leading creators and manufacturers of the Kingdom's entire supply of Healing and Restorative tonics. These tonics have been used and approved by the World Council, and even the Regulators sanction their use.
The village of Acalock creates the Chiru Kingdom's leading export, as well as supporting their internal armies with an edge in warfare. Acalock village, however, refuses to grow in size (despite demand), and all citizens have had their voices removed to ensure the secret of this formula is kept safe.
A few merchants have the privilege of doing business inside Acalock, and have had to undergo rigorous screening and security measures simply to enter the village, but otherwise this village is completely inaccessible by the common person.
Enter the problem: The Rum Merchant went missing, and Acalock village petitioned the King to rescue the Merchant. At first, everyone believed that the concern was unwarranted until it was revealed that the Rum Merchant's Rum was a unique ingredient in the Tonics.
Now, The King wishes to screen and petition adventurers from around the Chiru Kingdom to find a group of adventurers suitable to the Villagers to begin locating the missing Rum Merchant. Who will meet this strict criteria? Can the secret be found before it's too late?

Where Has all the Rum gone?